MasterClass: A Revolutionary Learning Platform - Review Any Option
June 17, 2024

7 thoughts on “MasterClass: A Revolutionary Learning Platform

  1. Just made a subscription- no email required nothing. Payment went through immediately but no acknowledgment of payment and no ability to access the effing platform! Scam! I want my money back now!

  2. Think it through before buying. Especially family plan.
    Changing my password: HORROR-issue. Helpdesk: not responding. Be sure that there are enough interesting masterclasses for you. So surf before you buy.
    And sending guest-passes: DONt DO THIS! They just want to trigger friends and family to buy. And now they are a bit mad for sending this worthless guesspass.
    Shame on you!!

  3. I was really interested in classes and then they sent me a damn Mother’s Day offer with baking as the featured skill. After I enaged with them on classes on leadership, creativity, space exploration, displomacy and FBI…they sent me a baking offer. How. Damn.

  4. Auto-renewal process for gifts definitely unethical. It’s pretty much a scam and I wish I’d never had anything to do with them. Instead of buying a gift for people, I’ve set them up to be ripped off. The whole experience has left a really bad taste in my mouth.

    The content is also extremely disappointing. Apparently only Americans are experts, and many topics are only relevant to US audiences.

    Just an all round awful experience. A horrible company.

  5. I had never heard of Elaine Welteroth before taking her master class, but I will now make sure others do. Her career design was insightful, her charisma and directness were refreshing. I am now on my second listen of her class but new learnings: “zone of genius”, values over all else, career map designed to show multiple sources of income.

  6. I have thoroughly enjoyed every class I have taken so far. … as well as learning something new each time I have signed in…. which is quite an experience.

    I think the visuals and presentations are very clear and excellently produced. The content is excellent and access to the recipes easy..although I must admit I have had no success in downloading the workbooks but I believe that is my technological inexperience.

  7. I have completed two courses. I ate them up! These were taught by Herbie Hancock and Annie Leibovitz. Both were excellent and gave high level insights by these masters. They deeply shared their process, and provided valuable tips and demonstrations on how to maintain be creative and maintain that passion. Just what you want from such high level teaches. You can learn by watching them work, or play, supported by their comments.

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