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April 15, 2024

3 thoughts on “Access High-Quality Education from Top Universities with Coursera

  1. There is NO customer service, only automated responses. They have an old email address for me and I can’t change it since I can’t access my decades old AOL email. I signed up for a course I didn’t realize had a course I should have taken first and I wanted to switch to the prereq 20 minutes after purchase. Spent hours hunting down customer service but there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Only automated responses that don’t answer my questions. These courses ARE expensive and running a business without ANY way of contacting the company is extremely unethical. What is it, one dude running the place from a huge villa in Monaco? Just a guess. The classes are good, maybe a mixed bag but I didn’t have issue with the courses but CERTAINLY with the complete lack of customer service.

  2. Their business model relies on sneaking in sub subscriptions that they hope you don’t notice. They DO NOT CARE about their learners- only about extracting as much money as possible. Horrible, unethical corporation run by sociopaths.

  3. I’ve tried 3 courses here. 1 was poor quality and billed me without me knowing (non-refundable of course), 1 was great but I was unable to buy the certificate with poor Customer Service back and forth, and the last is ok but the material is almost 10 years old.

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