Unleash Your Creativity with Coursera - Review Any Option
July 20, 2024

3 thoughts on “Unleash Your Creativity with Coursera

  1. Please keep in mind that I am a 23 Development veteran who has senior-level positions for several large corporations including Apple, Kaiser and Bio-Rad. The course starts off well enough, but the minute you get into Python, abandon all hope. They barely touch the basics and then throw you into complex coding testing, with zero – and I mean ZERO – assistance for questions, or even worse – issues, and there are plenty of those as well. Having been around engineering culture for over two decades now, you can almost see the “Well *I* know this – so you should too” attitude of that part of the course. Which is wrong all over the place to boot.

  2. No support if you get stuck. No help at all. They don’t even have instructors reviewing your work. It’s all peer grading. You’re better buying books on the subject. Save your money and use a library card.

  3. While Coursera’s business model is helpful for making online education affordable, the company relies too heavily on peer help. There is no TA, moderator or QA to ensure user experiences. When you are graded wrong by your peers, all that you could do is to resubmit your coursework for another round of peer review. Grading issue happens quite frequently. It makes it feel like a punishment. What’s most ridiculous is that a course I’m taking requires an Adobe product. However the Adobe product key that Coursera offers doesn’t allow for full function of the Adobe product. So I’m not able to finish the coursework.

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